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JXZ0818/2 CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine
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Product: Views:63JXZ0818/2 CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine 
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JXZ0818/2 CNC tube sheet drilling machine

Machine application:
Mainly used for tube sheet drilling in boiler barrel industry and welding basin shaped holes. Can use twist drill or inner cooling carbide drill for high speed drilling, no need for manual scribe, greatly improves holes position precision and drilling efficiency, realizes drilling automation.
This is gantry movable double stations vertical CNC drilling machine, realizes uploading and downloading materials while processing, improves the processing efficiency, can be used for double station processing of tube sheet length less than 9m and diameter 140-800mm, also for single station processing of tube sheet length 9-18m. For small size workpiece two tube sheet drilling can work independently, for big size workpiece double gantry and drilling heads work simultaneously. Allows turn around processing of workpiece length more than 18m.

III. Machine structure and configuration:
1. Machine is composed of base, two gantries, CNC chuck, two sets of power heads, two sets of vertical slides, support frame of tube sheet, two sets of clamping device, detection, chip removal, cooling system, automatic lubrication system, hydraulicsystem, pneumatic system and electrical system etc.
2. The base is fundamental part of machine. Adopts welding structure, after thermal aging treatment, has good rigidity and stability. The bottom surface of the base is covered with numerous adjustable foundation screws, can be easily adjusted to ensure flatness and straightness of guide rail surface on base.
3. Gantry is welded frame structure, longitudinal movement of gantry (X axis) is guided by four heavy load capacity linear guide rail on base, driven by servo motor, precision reducer, rack and pinion, ensures high positioning precision and quick positioning on X axis. In drilling process, gantry frame is firmly locked with lathe bed to reduce vibration.To improve positioning accuracy of gantry movement on X axis, adopts linear encoder for feedback, realizes full closed loop control.
4. CNC chuck is equipped on one end of base, can move 2000mm on X axis, convenient for clamping and loading workpiece. When end hole distance is excessively small, round ring gasket can solve this problem. Driven chuck can relatively move 3000mm. CNC chuck adopts precision rotary support, realizes CNC indexing by servo motor and precision planetary reducer. Chuck is equipped with three claw self centering chuck, convenient to clamp and loose workpiece, reduce labor intensity of workers.CNC chuck has full float function, float on Y and Z axis, to prevent chuck damage orslip caused by workpiece eccentric.

Main specification parameters:
1. Size range of tube sheet, boiler barrel and processing precision
1.1 Max. external diameter: φ140-φ800mm
1.2 Max. thickness: 250mm
1.3 Max. length: 1-18m(Allows turn around processing length more than 18m)
1.4 Min. end distance: 40mm
1.5 Max. workpiece weight: 3T/m
1.6 Drilling surface roughness: ≤12.5μm
1.7 dimension accuracy of drilling: IT11-IT12
1.8 Center distance deviation of longitudinal hole to hole: ±0.5mm
1.9 Center distance deviation of circle adjacent hole to hole: ±0.5mm
1.10 Depth tolerance of basin shaped hole: ±0.5mm
1.11 Center distance deviation of longitudinal end holes: ±0.5mm(adjacent );
2. CNC chuck (A axis)
2.1 Chuck rotation speed (CNC): 0-4r/min
2.2 Chuck accuracy: ±2.5'
2.3 Chuck servo motor power: 5KW
2.4 Stroke in vertical direction: ±200mm
2.5 Feeding control mode in vertical direction: point move
2.6 Vertical stroke of CNC chuck on fixed end: 2000mm
2.7 Feeding control mode in vertical direction of CNC chuck on fixed end: point move
2.8 Longitudinal stroke of CNC chuck on mobile end: 3000mm
2.9 Feeding control mode in longitudinal direction of CNC chuck on mobile end:
point move
3. Drilling head and vertical slide (Z axis)
3.1 Max. drilling diameter: φ80mm
3.2 Max. counterbore diameter: φ120mm
3.2 Max. boring hole diameter: φ200mm
3.2 Spindle rotation speed (servo): 30-3000r/min
3.3 Spindle taper: BT50
3.4 Spindle motor power: 2x37KW
3.5 Vertical slide stroke (Z axis): ≥800mm
3.6 Feeding speed on Z axis:0-5m/min
3.7 Servo motor power on Z axis: 2x3.5KW
3.8 Max. distance between two drilling heads: >18000mm
3.9 Re-positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
4. Spindles and tool magazine
4.1 Gantry (X axis, bilateral synchronous drive, double rack double reduction double
4.1.1 X axis max. stroke: 2000mm
4.1.2 X axis max. moving speed: 8m/min
4.1.3 X axis servo motor power: 4x3KW
4.1.4 X axis re-positioning accuracy: 0.08mm
4.2 Gantry (Y axis)
4.2.1 Y axis max. stroke: 1200mm
4.2.2 Y axis max. moving speed: 8m/min
4.2.3 Y axis servo motor power: 2x3KW
4.2.4 Y axis positioning accuracy: 0.08mm
4.2.5 Y axis re-positioning accuracy: 0.04mm
4.3 Gantry (Z axis)
4.3.1 Z axis max. stroke: 800mm
4.3.2 Z axis max. moving speed: 5m/min
4.3.3 Z axis servo motor power: 2x3KW
4.3.4 Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.08mm
4.4.5 Z axis re-positioning accuracy: 0.04mm
4.4 Tool magazine on gantry (2 sets): (on set of In-line type tool magazine on each gantry)
4.4.1 Tools quantity: 10
5. Clamping cylinder
5.1 Quantity: 2
5.2 Clamping force (2-6Mpa): 4-16KN
6. Support frame
6.1 Quantity (Increase according to the actual design )Fixed support frames 4
Middle support frames 14
7. Hydraulic system
7.1 Hydraulic pump pressure/flow: 3~7MPa/15L/min
7.2 Hydraulic pump motor power: 2x1.5KW
8. Compressed air pressure: 0.5Mpa
9. Chip removal and cooling
9.1 Chip conveyor:plate chain type
9.2 Chip conveyor motor power: 2x1.5KW
9.3 Cooling pump motor power: 2x0.45KW
10. Electrical system
10.1 CNC systemSiemens 840D (or 2 sets Siemens 828D)
10.2 CNC axis2x[4+1(detection axis)+2 rotation(spindle+chuck)]
10.3 Total motor power: 130KW
11. Overall size (LxWxH): 25x3.5x4.2m

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